Branching Outwards
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      ... to Branching Outwards.

I want to show you my wonderful home and explain the services that I offer from here. These services enable me to gain my living through sharing my home, skills and experience.

I love my home and want to share it with others who will appreciate and benefit from it. It’s my solid rooted base from which I can branch outwards. I try to live in harmony with nature and to care for my home and its numerous animal inhabitants with respect and responsibility.

I’m a fifty-six year old Englishwoman who’s lived in this corner of rural France for over fourteen years, and in this Le Marais du Mesnil property for about three years. I had a long career in The Probation Service and in training and education (University of Sheffield, Probation and freelance) and continue to work hard to help others to bring out the best of themselves.

Always interested in creativity, I’ve studied (B.A. in English), and worked on writing (from crafted, strategic court reports to children’s fiction) all my life. I’m now writing articles, helping others to produce their own books, webcopy and brochures. I have a short children’s novel in the pipeline and a project to write a book about books for English learners.

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Marais du Mesnil. Detailed description of the property and local area. Various possibilities for staying here; “Special” Bed and Breakfast, English Language courses, Reading Groups, Home Exchanges, and more.Family English courses - especially suitiable for families with young children who all wish to learn English.

English Language consultancy (Conseil en Langue Anglaise). As an experienced English Coach, I offer telephone coaching, face to face individual or group sessions for businesses and private individuals, residential immersion courses and other English language services. Also French to English translations of brochures, websites, notices, menus, etc. and advice on presenting goods and services to English speakers.

Writing and Editing. I write brochures, webcopy, adverts and so on, in clear attractive English. I also help authors put together their own books and articles.

Coaching. As a qualified Life Coach, I offer general coaching in decision making, achievable plan creation, and dedicated support in working towards identified goals. In particular, I can help migraine sufferers to live satisfactorily, foreigners to live successfully in France and others to live happily as a “single” person.

Links. This section will contain links to internet sites, offers, bits of writing, etc that I personally think are worthwhile. I also present books and articles I’ve found very useful and/or particularly enjoyable.
I only recommend things I've personally found really beneficial. I don't swap links for any other reason.